ELOPING - Whether you live in our local area or visiting and whatever the reason: finances,
secrecy or you just don't want the hassle of a formal wedding, eloping   
or a simple exchange of vows is a great option for you.

Fees at a location of our choice are:
Monday - Friday $1
00.00 & Saturday $150.00   

At most locations guests are limited to four, exception being Aycock Park Gazebo.
If you want unlimited guests, go to the "Services" page.

(Cash only - no checks or credit cards).  Holidays & Sundays - Extra
A Tennessee marriage license is required in Tennessee.
A witness is not required. Our ceremony is non-denominational religious.

North Mississippi elopements - See below
                                                      TO GET MARRIED

1. Book your ceremony date -   Call Rev. Patricia at (901) 487-6042 for appointment.
                            You will be given a date to confirm your appointment.                   
                            If you do not confirm, appointment will be canceled.     
2. Purchase your license - You may purchase your marriage license anywhere in the state of
Tennessee and bring with you or Monday - Friday at any of the following County Clerk's
office locations in this area.
Shelby County:  1075 Mullins Station, Memphis (Bartlett/East) 9:30am - 5:15pm
                         150 Washington, Memphis (downtown) 8am - 4:15pm
                         4836 Navy Road, Millington, TN (north) 8am - 4:15pm
Tipton County:   220 Highway 51 North, Suite 2, Covington, TN. 8:30am - 4:30pm

For prices and information you need to take with you go to our
"Licenses Info" page.

3.  Get Married -  Bring your marriage license and fee and meet with minister who will perform
your ceremony.  
Please be on time.  When she pronounces that you are husband and wife, you are
legally married. She will sign your license which you will keep and she will send the necessary     
papers back to the issuing clerk's office to record in their records that you were married that day.

4. Celebrate - You have to do nothing else but enjoy your wedding day!
Bartlett Japanese Gdns, 2975 Alturia
Bartlett,TN - Shelby
Eva Bledsoe Gazebo, 2863 Bartlett Rd
Bartlett, TN - Shelby
Aycock Park Gazebo, 7330 Renda,
Millington, TN - North Shelby

Bring your Tennessee or Mississippi Marriage license to this beautiful park and get
married in Mississippi. Just a short drive South of Memphis.

Our fee for a Mississippi elopement is $200.00 Monday through Saturday.
We will meet you at the Jim Saucier Park, 8710 Northwest Drive in Southaven.

Call Rev. Patricia at 901 487-6042 for appointments.
The following locations are public parks in this area and can be used without charge for an   
elopement  with just the Minister, couple, and a few guests.

Our Statement of Belief -
See our "About Us" page.



Hampton Inn & Suites
2935 N. Germantown Rd, Bartlett, TN 38133
(901) 382-2050

Best Western Galleria Inn & Suites
8635 U.S. Highway 64, Bartlett, TN 38133
(901) 372-8000 or toll free (800) 780-7234
Munford Gazebo, 101 College Street
Munford, TN - Tipton
Mississippi River Greenbelt, Island Drive
Harbor Town, Memphis  $200.00 M-Sat
(includes all downtown locations
Collierville Town Square Gazebo
Collierville, TN - Shelby
$200.00 M - Sat